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What is a

content editor?

To answer this, it’s better to start with, “what is content”? Content is something of a coverall term. Similarly to the marketing materials I translate, content is basically the message you want to convey in the form you want to convey it – text, images, audio, video and so on.

You may also have heard the term copy (copy editor, copy writer). This falls under the wider umbrella of content, more specifically referring to text and typically text with a promotional purpose. As a content editor, I’m also a copy editor, as you’ll see in my list of examples below.

In this area I tend to work on monolingual texts. However, combining editing with my translation skills makes me effective in proofreading and revising translations, too.

Why is content so important?

The importance of first impressions is not an overstated cliché. With online presence now being so vital, your business’ profile is necessarily laid bare for all to see. Your content is the representation of you, primarily online, but also in other publishable media.

And without any content, how would your target audience even know you existed? That relies on people finding you in the first place. Content is also pivotal in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). That effectively means making sure that when users search for the products or services you offer, they find you.

Online content is the information that a search engine like Google “crawls” and “indexes”. I don’t offer a full SEO service, but my editing experience largely revolves around editing with SEO and keywords in mind. In essence, I provide the final step of an effective SEO strategy.

What makes good content?

It depends on its purpose! If the purpose is information, it needs to inform; if the purpose is to sell, it needs to sell; if it’s SEO, it needs to generate traffic.

But no matter what the purpose, readability is crucial. If you struggle to make sense of a sentence, would you keep reading? It’s always possible to get your message across simply and effectively – my job is to ensure your text does that. What’s more, my work as a translator feeds into my work as an editor and vice versa: translation requires the skill of textual analysis, while a fundamental aspect of translation theory concerns understanding a text’s purpose.
Not forgetting those first impressions: translators and editors alike need to have a keen eye, to sift out imperfections and orient your text towards your audience.

My training and experience in this field includes…

In addition to my training as a translator, I have been working regular hours as a content editor for two years. The work involves ensuring quality and adherence to guidelines which have been tailored carefully to the needs of each client.

In that role, I also participate in regular meetings with the other editorial staff and contribution towards topic ideation. More recently, I have been responsible for training a new Spanish-language editor, helping me gain further knowledge and skills.

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Examples of my work as an editor:

English-language texts

Blog posts

On-site copy


Topic ideation

Training materials

Are you just grappling with the beginnings of your website? Do you already have an effective SEO strategy in place but need someone to take care of that final step? Or perhaps you’re not sure whether you really need a content editor at all? Drop me a line via my contact page and we can have a chat what I can do to help you and your business.

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