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What is

legal translation?

Legal translation is the translation of any text with a legal purpose. But that covers a huge range of texts and it wouldn’t be possible for me to do every single type of legal text justice. By “doing it justice” I mean fully understanding and transferring the meaning accurately into English. So I focus on some specific types of texts so that you know I have experience working with them.

You may be looking for a “certified translation”. In terms of documents intended for use in the UK, this isn’t actually something for which the system provides. There is no such thing as a “sworn translator” in the UK. What I can offer is a translation accompanied by a signed document, plus the reassurance that I am backed by experience and ITI affiliation.

Why translate a legal text?

There are as many reasons to translate a legal document as there are types of text. For example, privacy and cookies policies are now required under the GDPR. If you have gone to the effort to translate your entire site into English, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle and fail to have your “Garante della privacy” translated, too. Alternatively, if you’re based in Italy and doing business with other countries – particularly English-speaking ones – or you’re based in the UK and doing business with entities within Italy, you may require an English translation as an aid to both parties’ understandings of the proceedings or of the status quo.

What makes a good legal translation?

As well as experience and an understanding of the relevant systems in both source and target countries, good legal translation takes meticulousness and an eye for detail, good research skills and a great deal of practice and training. Words and phrases that have a “general” or “everyday” meaning often have a slightly (if not entirely) different application in a legal setting. It takes knowledge – of the terms and of how to spot them – to catch those.

Further, my work as an editor has taught me – and still teaches me every day – not only how to look carefully into the details of a text, but also at how the text fits together as a whole. That skill transfers well into translation, helping me look at my own work with a critical eye.

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My training and experience in this field includes…

  • Luca Lovisolo’s “Il diritto per tradurre”, January 2019
  • David Hutchens’ English legal system for translators, September 2018
  • Rob Lunn’s Contracts translation webinar, February 2018
  • Internship at a Milanese law firm, October 2015-February 2016

By also working as a content editor every week, I have honed my knowledge of a range of text types and I’m continuously developing my already critical eye – there is a vast overlap between these skills, allowing both to progress alongside each other.

Examples of legal texts that I translate:

Contracts and agreements

Privacy/cookies policies

Meeting minutes

(general assembly, etc)


Letters and articles on legal topics

Do you need an English translation of one of the texts mentioned above? Perhaps you’re not sure whether my services cover your needs? Whatever your request, you can get in touch via my contact page and we can discuss whether I’m the translator you’re looking for.

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