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What is a

marketing translation?

A marketing translation is the translation of a marketing text. So to answer the question, we need to first answer, “what is a marketing text?” Well, if the purpose of the text is to sell your service or products, then it’s a marketing text. If you want to convince people to buy, invest or participate, it’s a marketing text.

Marketing texts aren’t just adverts, though. There’s market research, newsletters, internal company announcements and more. If you have a text but you’re not sure it falls into this category, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Why translate a marketing text?

You put a lot of effort into creating your content, so you know that text isn’t a random series of isolated words. It’s about the message you wanted to craft, for the purpose you wanted to craft it, in the tone you want to convey it. A good translation is the bridge between two texts, each in a different language but having the equivalent effect on their target respective audiences.

What makes a good marketing translation?

I won’t provide any case studies here, as many of my clients operate under strict confidentiality policies and I take that very seriously. What I can do is give a vague example of the projects I work on.

One involves translations for a sportswear brand, which requires me to translate thousands of words every week. My job is to ensure the English versions capture the high-performance nature of the products. Various collections of kit are designed to appeal to different types of athlete, so the texts require me to adapt my language to suit determination and adventurousness or a relaxed approach to a healthy lifestyle, as needed. These texts are published on various media, too, another way in which I successfully adapt my tone and style.

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My training and experience in this field includes…

  • “BeBrave” entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial festival, October 2019
  • ITI Transcreation webinar, September 2018
  • Udo Leinhäuser’s SEO workshop at ATC Conference 2017

By also working as a content editor every week, I have honed my knowledge of a range of text types and I’m continuously developing my already critical eye – there is a vast overlap between these skills, allowing both to progress alongside each other.

Types of marketing text include:

Product descriptions



On-site content

Market research

Social media posts

Application forms

(for ambassadors and influencers, for new staff, for trade fair stands)

Press releases


It’s worth remembering that your marketing materials may also come in other media, such as videos or images, too. There’s a certain level of assistance I can provide there, too.

Sports and sports translations

I not only played amateur football and waterpolo for years, but I did so in Italy, giving me a hands-on understanding of how the sports and the language work in both the source and target languages. In addition, I have worked on ad-hoc audio-to-text translations of interviews and press conferences at major competitions including, most recently, the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

For the last four years my avid pursuit of endurance sports – running, cycling and triathlon –has necessarily been accompanied by a growing understanding of the kit, equipment and training involved in those disciplines. What that means for you is that I know your audience – because I am your audience.

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To find out more about how I would approach translating your marketing materials, head over to my contact page and get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

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